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Meta Trak tracking devices

Meta Trak tracking devices

Meta Trak Shield


The Meta Trak Shield is a Self monitoring tracking/management system. Perfect for someone looking for a quality tracking unit for their own piece of mind but not requiring an insurance approved product. This device is monitored by YOU via the Meta Trak mobile app/web portal and NOT by Meta Trak. Price includes installation and 1st year subscription to the app.

Meta Trak S7 ATS (CAT S7)


The Meta Trak S7 tracker is a fully thatcham and insurance approved device. As well as 24/7 monitoring by Metatrak control room you will have access to the advanced features through the mobile app or web portal. You can monitor real-time tracking, receive instant alerts, review your driving history and behaviour at any time. Price includes installation and 1st year subscription. 

Meta Trak S5 VTS (CAT S5)


The next generation of vehicle tracking. The Meta Trak S5 is a sophisticated solution at incredible value for all types of vehicle. A category S5 insurance approved product that gives you 24/7 control room monitoring, live tracking, instant notifications and driver ID tags. If the tag isn’t present you will receive an instant alert if an unauthorised movement is detected. Price includes installation and 1st year subscription.



Developed in response to the staggering increase in vehicle thefts using the relay attack method. The S5 DEADLOCK combines advanced immobilisation with Meta Tracks new generation of tracking technology, 24/7 control room monitoring and an easy to use app.
NO ID tag. NO start. If your ID Tag is present the vehicle will not start. You can activate DEADLOCK from the app and the vehicle will not start even if the tag is present. Price includes installation and 1st year subscription.

Meta Trak PULSAR


Meta Trak Pulsar is a battery powered Asset protection. NO POWER? No problem. Whatever the asset, as long as you can mount and hide the device, you can track it. The Pulsar is a small, discreet and cost effective unit as the price includes a 3yr service package. Monitor your asset on the easy to use app. Price includes 3yr subscription and installation.

Meta Trak S7 ATS Caravan.


CARAVAN OWNERS. The Meta Trak Thatcham CAT S7 insurance approved caravan product includes an ID tag that allows the system to distinguish between authorised and unauthorised towing. Price includes installation and 1yr subscription plan.

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